Law made simple

Seeking to launch a startup, a fundraising campaign, blockchain integration or market expansion?

We provide legally sound solutions for your financial innovation!

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Pavel Ruban

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Enterprise Estonia EAS

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What we offer

Tailor made solutions

No two projects are the same. We’re a team who does not use one-size-fits-all approaches and does not take on projects we personally do not believe in.

We see your business as an ever-evolving ecosystem and serve as partners with valuable know-how how to make your ideas work.


One can know something about everything or everything about something. We believe in the latter!

We have solid knowledge and qualified specialists in crypto assets, blockchain solutions, tokenization, fundraising structures, investment vehicles and their financial and tax accounting.

Peace of mind

Whether you are a fundraising startup, an expanding business or an innovating enterprise — you can concentrate on your business, we will take care of the rest.

We provide full compliance with Estonian and EU regulations: legal support, financial accounting, taxes, local representative and even on demand working space.

Technology proficient

We do understand that a smart contract is neither smart nor a contract.

Our technical experience and blockchain capacity assures that we understand your technical solution and we will build legal framework around it. If necessary, we are able to directly communicate with your IT team.

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Our clients

Encrypting solutions and hardware
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Blockchain infrastructure
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VR/AR streaming
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Tutellus is the first decentralized & collaborative EdTech platform based on Blockchain
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e-Best Ventures

Crypto investment fund
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Blockchain-powered forex platform, offering innovative exchange and money transfer services between fiat and cryptocurrencies
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Our team

Rene — CEO

Rene is responsible for client onboarding, legal compliance and process management.

With a background of trained diplomat and long-term legal counsellor of Estonian government, he´s excellent in understanding client´s actual needs. Rene also teaches law at the Tallinn University of Technology.

Rene makes sure that client gets exactly what he needs with optimal time and money.

Marko — Architect

Marko was a leading tax expert in the Estonian Ministry of Finance and spent several years in Brussels where he, among others, worked in the European Commission.

He combines knowledge of international tax planning, company law and financial regulations.

Marko is our main expert in building up legal frameworks around clients´ needs.

Merike — Numismatic

Merike has long-term experience with booking untraditional transactions as she worked for years in aviation industry.

Now she employs her interest towards various accounting exceptions in the field of crypto currency by leading our accounting department.

Merike will assure that all your transactions are compliantly booked.